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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Polar Bear

Here's a polar bear i've been working on for my '10 to watch' project. It has been painted onto a stretched canvas using alkyds.
I think i need to make his fur more yellow, but am a bit worried it'll just make the painting look dirty, as it will probably clash with the background hues.

more seagulls...

Here are a couple more sketches I did over Easter. These ones have been done on handmade recycled Khadi paper. I have used watercolours, gouache, and pencil.

Seagull Illustrations

Here are a couple of illustrations I did over Easter. They are both the same size, about A3, and done on stretched watercolour paper in watercolours.
I've added some extra detail over the top with a pencil and black fine liner.
I have tried to capture the seagulls' movement, and some of the characteristics they display when interacting with one another.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Another video to share with you. This was one was made by my lovely friend Georgina and it promotes 'Earth Hour', a campaign sponsored by the WWF. It encourages as many people as possible to all turn their lights off at the same time. The darkness that we all experience stands as a symbol of hope for a cause that grows more and more urgent. It has reached a huge amount of people, even The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Colosseum in Rome participated by switching off their lights! This year it was on the 27th March at 8:30pm.

Earth Day: Give Earth a Hand

The new Earth Day video produced by Greenpeace.