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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

a couple of images of one of the paintings i have done as a proposal to the WWF.

i made the midtone background by painting gesso onto blue paper and then rubbing a glaze of paint mixed with liquin over it.

the painting itself is done with alkyd oil. this is only the second time i've used this kind of paint but i really like it. its so buttery and blends so softly compared to acrylics, but drys loads quicker than oils.

i've left the image pretty bare for the moment, with no background features or even shadow, but i quite like this, it makes it seem like more of a portrait i think.

this image is about 20 x 15cm but doing it has made me realise that i need to go bigger so i can add more detail, and really see the potential of alykds.

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